The HCP Card is a world-wide honored certificate of player’s golf skills, as well being a proof of achieving an advanced level. The HCP Card allows players participation in tournaments for advanced golfers in the whole world.

The PGU HCP Card is issued by the Polish Golf Union, at a mediation of golf clubs associated in the PGU. A basic requirement to obtain the card is to be a member of a club which is associated in the PGU.

The PGU HCP Card can be issued to players who have a handicap 36 or lower. It allows a player to take part in golf tournaments, in which it is necessary to have an official handicap, including PGU Championship Tournaments, as well as enables playing at golf courses abroad. The validity of the PGU HCP Card expires on the 31st March of the following calendar year. A holder of the HCP card is a PGU member in a particular golf season.

Membership fees:

– juniors below 18 years old (persons below 18 on the 1st January of particular year) – 20 PLN
– youth below 25 years old (persons below 25 on the 1st January of particular year) – 40 PLN
– people over 25 years old – 150 PLN