Pedryc, Piechula, and Matuszek triumph in Polish Junior and 19-30 Championship


After four days of competition at Sobienie Królewskie G&CC, the representatives of the host nation – Anastazja Piechula and Alejandro Pedryc – became junior champions 2018. The best among youngsters was Jakub Matuszek (Opolski KG).

Citi Handlowy Polish Junior Championship

The first semi-final was played between Kamil Nowak (Kalinowe Pola GC) and Nick Slobbe from the Netherlands and ended with victory for a Polish golfer 4&3. Alejandro Pedryc and Mikołaj Kniaginin of Sobienie Królewskie met in the second semi-final. Victory belonged to Pedryc 7&6.

The final was a fierce duel between the two national squad members. From the outset, the scales tilted in favour of Alejandro Pedryc, but Kamil Nowak stood his ground. Eventually, Pedryc beat his opponent 3&2 and secured the title of junior champion 2018.

Undoubtedly, 2018 was a brilliant year for the young golfer from Sobienie. Alejandro is the first junior in the history of Polish golf to have recorded a championship hat trick in one season: in May he became the Polish match play champion, in July he won the Polish Men’s Championship, and now the victory in the junior championship topped the lot.

Slobbe and Kniaginin competed for third place. After 9 holes, the Dutch golfer was in the lead. On the fourteenth, he defeated Kniaginin 5&4.

The ladies’ competition was equally intense and spectacular. The first pair to play were Anastazja Piechula and Matylda Kuna. The golfer from Sobienie won 6&4. Zofia Wójcik and Antonina Łęcka met in the second semi-final. After nine holes, the junior from Lisia Polana was in the lead and defended this till the end. The struggle ended 4&3 and Wójcik advanced to the final.

Despite the junior from Lisia Polana initially taking the lead, Piechula quickly levelled up her chances. The duel continued up to the fifteenth hole. Anastazja Piechula won 5&3 and was awarded her first Polish Junior Champion title.

This is how the satisfied champion summed up the tournament: “It was definitely my day, but I did have a few weaker moments during the tournament. Playing against Nina Olga Wojtczak on Saturday, I lost 2down. I told myself I had to focus and that I would not drop out of the tournament at that stage. I won the match. Today, I felt the same during the match with Zosia. A few moments of reflection and… I made it. Each time, I tried to adjust to my rival: wait till I could launch an attack but play more reasonably when it was risky. I hope to defend this title next year.”

The struggle for third place was between Matylda Kuna and Antonina Łęcka. The golfer of Kalinowe Pola proved better and won the 2nd vice-championship title 4&3.

Juniors (men) results – match play HERE.

Juniors (women) results – match play HERE.

Final results of the Citi Handlowy 24th Polish Junior Championship 2018 (Sierra GC, 20-23 July 2017)
Juniors (men)

  1. Alejandro Pedryc (Sobienie Królewskie G&CC)
  2. Kamil Nowak (Kalinowe Pola GC)
  3. Nick Slobbe (Noordwijkse GC)
  4. Mikołaj Kniaginin (Sobienie Królewskie G&CC)

Juniors (women)

  1. Anastazja Piechula (Sobienie Królewskie G&CC)
  2. Zofia Wójcik (KG Lisia Polana)
  3. Antonina Łęcka (Kalinowe Pola GC)
  4. Matylda Kuna (KG Lisia Polana)

Citi Handlowy 19-30 Polish Championship

Jakub Matuszek (Opolski KG) and Marcin Bogusz (KG Lisia Polana) advanced to the first semi-final and met this morning to decide who will play in the final. The competition was very close and ended on the second hole of extra time with Matuszek reaching the final.

The second semi-final was played between Bartosz Plackowski (Tyski KG) and Wojciech Chyliński (SPAR Polska GC). Plackowski won the match 5&4 and, effectively, got to the final with Matuszek.

After nine holes, Jakub Matuszek was in the lead. He defeated Bartosz Plackowski after the fourteenth hole 6&4.

The third place and the 2nd vice-championship title belongs to Wojciech Chyliński, who beat Bogusz 1up.

Results of 19-30 available HERE

Final results of the Citi Handlowy 24th Polish Youngster Championship 2018 (Sierra GC, 20-23 July 2017)

  1. Jakub Matuszek (Opolski KG)
  2. Bartosz Plackowski (Tyski KG)
  3. Wojciech Chyliński (SPAR Polska GC)
  4. Marcin Bogusz (KG Lisia Polana)

Photo Shots on the Fairway