Polish ladies third in the European Ladies’ Team Shield Championship  


The last match with the Greek representation where bronze medals of the European Ladies’ Team Shield Championship (1-4 Aug 2018) were up for grabs, ended with the victory of the Polish team made up of: Dominika Gradecka, Dorota Zalewska, Nicole Polivchak and Maria Żrodowska.

The fourth edition of the tournament was held in Croatia at the Riverside Golf (par 72) course near Zagreb.

The Poles advanced to the match stage (directly to semi-finals) from first place in the stroke play team classification, which we told you about HERE. Also, teams from Luxemburg, Hungary, Greece, Latvia, and Serbia competed in the first pool.

In the semi-finals, representatives of white and red colours struggled with the Serbs, who were 4th after stroke play, and a day before they had beaten Luxemburg 3:0. Dorota Zalewska won her single 7&6, and it was the only point scored in this match; Nicole Polivchak lost 4&3, and foursome Dominika Gradecka-Maria Żrodowska was defeated by the Serbian double 4&2.

The Sunday duel for bronze medals was between the Greeks (3rd after stroke play, a victory against the Hungarians (2:1) and a defeat to Latvia 1:2). The seeding of Polish golfers was the same as in the previous match. Foursome Gradecka-Żrodowska won against the Hellenic representatives 5&3. Zalewska won her single again 2&1, while Polivchak tied. With the result of 2.5:0.5, the Poles took third place of the podium of the European Ladies’ Team Shield Championship.

The victory belonged to Serbia, who beat the Latvians 2:1 in the final.

Results: HERE.

Photo EGA