2015 season brought along changes in the Polish Golf Union Ranking. The scoring and age categories have been modified. 9-hole courses are now allowed in the competitions. In addition, the system provides bonus points for organization of regular tournaments played at many golf courses.

PGU Ranking is an official classification of amateur players holding a valid PGU handicap card. Ranking points are awarded to players for finishing the Citi Handlowy Polish Championship tournaments and other competitions meeting the formal criteria specified in the regulations at ranked places.

Ranking categories were granted to the particular events based on the analytical tool, to assess the competitions that took place in the previous season, in accordance with gross stableford points, slope rating parameters and golf course rating on which the given event was held.

The PGU Ranking includes only those tournaments which are played under the following principles:
- in the form of gross stroke play, mulligan and other systems distorting the results are not allowed,
- in accordance with the Golf Rules approved by R&A Rules Ltd.,
- are supervised by a PGU licensed referee,
- are organized between 1st April and 2nd October 2015, i.e. the first day of PGU Masters
- are played on a 18- hole or 9-hole course.

In this season, the tournaments will be played in the following categories:
SUPER ranking category – 1 tournament,
I ranking category – 3 tournaments,
II ranking category – 10 tournaments,
III ranking category – 20 tournaments and tour events,
IV ranking category – 50 tournaments and tour events.

As compared to the previous season, the number of tournaments in the III category decreased, whereas the number of tournaments in the I category increased. In addition, the SUPER category was granted to the finals of World Golfers Championship – Poland.

An important change is to award bonus points for organization of tour events played on various golf courses in at least 75% of them.
A tour event included in the ranking category must meet the following conditions:
- tournaments can be organized day after day, provided that they are played on various courses,
- a tour must cover at least 4 tournaments, including the finals,
- the finals must last at least two days.
The final ranking classification for the given season will be announced on 4th October 2015, after the PGU Masters tournament. The winner in the given ranking classification wins the Polish Cup.
As in the previous years, the ranking is divided in two main groups: senior and junior. These groups are further divided into age categories.

This group is divided into the following categories: 19-30mid-amateurs and seniors.
As a result of the changes in the age groups introduced by the European Golf Federation (EGA), the mid-amateur age category has been modified, which so far included women aged 35-50 and men aged 35-55. From this year on, the age categories will be as follows: mid-amateurs – 31-50 for women and 31-55 for men; as well as those aged 19-30 for both women and men.

The classification of the Polish Club Cup will include points awarded to the given club members in the Main Women’s and Men’s Classification, Polish Club Championship and to junior golfers participating in all PGU Master Tournaments, excluding junior HCP and Polish Championship.
In addition to the classification in the above age categories, a main category for women and men has been distinguished. As in the previous year, this includes the five best results from the main series and PGU Masters.

A player in the junior category is a player born after 1996, i.e. a golfer under the age of 18 (according to the age, not the birth month). The junior group has been divided into the following categories:juniors (girls and boys born in 1997-99), younger juniors (girls and boys born in 2000-2002),youngsters (girls and boys born in 2003-2004), kids (girls and boys born in 2005 or later). In addition, the ranking includes the main category for juniors (girls and boys).

Just as in the case of the senior group, ranking points are awarded to players at ranked places in the ranking events. The five best results from the main series and the result achieved in the Junior Polish Championship will be included in the general classification. This year, the main series for the junior group will include the Regions Championship.

Polish Junior Club Cup – this will include results obtained by all juniors representing the given club, who played in at least two ranking tournaments during the season.
The ranking includes participation in the following events:
- Open Junior Club Championship,
- Polish Junior Club Championship,
- Polish Junior Championship,
- Polish Junior Match Play Championship, Polish Women’s Championship, Polish Men’s Championship,
- BMW Junior Tour,
- Faldo Series Poland Championship,
- Regions Championship
- and PGU Masters.