Mike O’Brien

Mike-OBrienBorn on 23.11.1977 in London, England

As a young boy, he trained numerous other sports. As a young boy, he practiced various sports. Such wide-ranging background enabled him to have basics for playing golf, which he chose as his discipline. He has been staying in Poland since 1998. From the very start of his stay here, he conducts courses for beginners and realizes programs for advanced golfers. From over 5 years, he has been cooperating with the PGU as the junior national team coach. Several years ago he started work as the head of coaching at PGA Poland, developing a coaching program for golf instructors (in 2010, PGA Poland obtained the “Fully Recognized” status). He is the Education Director at PGA Poland since 2011.

For several years, he combined roles of a coach and a player, playing and teaching simultaneously. After few years, he decided to focus on instructing. Golf is still his passion and he tries to take part in tournaments at every free time.

Mike O’Brien is a sport instructor, with specialization in golf and also a  Fully Qualified PGA Golf Professional, TPI Certified Junior Coach, TPI Certified Golf Fitness Coach. In 2007, he was honored with the 5 star professional title, given by the PGA’S of Europe for people meritorious for development of golf and the Professional Golfers Association.

Filip Naglak
888 Born on 09.03.1972 in Wrocław, Poland

A graduate of the Wrocław University School of Physical Education (1995), 2nd-class coach in athletics.
Polish Junior Champion in 110 hurdles (1991), a Polish national bobsleigh team member (1996-98).
He started to play golf in 1998, in 2003, joined the PGA Poland and in 2006, completed a 3-years course, obtaining the “Qualified PGA Poland Golf Instructor”.

Second Coach of the Junior National Team since 2007. Responsible for physical preparation of players. In his everyday life, he works at the Toya G&CC, as the Sport Director and the Administrative Director of the Leadbetter Golf Academy Toya. He is also responsible for physical preparation of this academy students.

Married with Karolina, two children: daughter Julia and son Franciszek.
Hobby – music, sport, movies.