Pro Golf Tour: inhospitable Casablanca


Last week, Mateusz Gradecki was going to take part in the Open Palmeraie Country Club 2018. He was going to. Unfortunately, the organizers had to cancel the tournament due to adverse weather conditions. This is the first time in the 21-year history of the German cycle.

Problems began already in the first round, when only a handful of golfers managed to appear on the starting tee and start the competition. Strong wind, blowing at a speed of 80 km/h, made it impossible to continue the game. The organizers tried to renew the game next day — without success. Eventually, it was announced on the Pro Golf Tour website that the tournament was cancelled.

An official statement was issued by the Pro Golf Tour director general, Rainer Goldrian: “We are deeply sorry that the game during the Open Palmeriae Country Club 2018 was impossible. For the first time in the history of Pro Golf Tour, we were forced to cancel the tournament. Our team in Morocco spared no effort to hold at least one 18-hole round, but the forces of nature proved stronger. Towards the end of March, we are going to come back to Morocco to play three more tournaments and, I hope, we will find it sunnier and with milder temperatures.

Another tournament of the cycle, which will also be attended by Mateusz Gradecki, is to be held on 25-27 March at Golf de lOcean near Agadirem.